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Design Portfolio


My name is Gonçalo Alves, I'm a Portuguese Designer and Illustrator based in the United Kingdom. 

My passion for art began when I was a child, I loved drawing and watching cartoons and going to art museums. Through my teenage years I developed my drawing skills and enrolled in a Visual Arts course, where I studied Anatomy, Perspective, Descriptive Geometry and Art History. I found myself really interested in Architecture, Graphic Novels and Animation. In university I learnt various printmaking methods and explored various styles, from Offset Litho, to 2D Animation and Graphic Novels. 

Ever since I finished University, I've been working on building my Design Portfolio, and on two different Graphic Novel projects.

My ambitions lie in becoming a Graphic Designer by day, and a Graphic Novel author by night.

You can view a PDF version of my portfolio here.


University for the Creative Arts, Illustration and Animation BA 1st Class

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